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I am a visual artist, film and theatre maker, currently based in Cardiff. 

Artist Sevvi Paukstyte has been living through lockdown with her partner in their converted van. She looks back across the last few months - the heat and the rain, the new rituals and the old - and starts to consider what happens next. As we're coming into the last week of I'm Thinking of You, Cymru, and lockdown restrictions are easing, how are you feeling about the last few months?  

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Peak Sketchbook project:
Kirsty, Rosie, Roxy, Amelie, Charlie, Jasmine & Maddie


Peak’s Sketchbook project is made up of young people aged 16-25 living across Powys, Monmouthshire, Torfaen and Newport. These young people make up sPeak, Peak’s youth advisory group.

"Over the past two months, we’ve developed and launched a fortnightly virtual sketchbook programme with them, loaning digital equipment and setting up a collaborative studio and social space. The regular sketchbook sessions working with professional artists will continue online and evolve in our physical studio space as the year progresses, influencing our work and plans for 2021."

The group worked with artists Becca and Clare to create a free writing, mapping and questioning forum in response to lockdown.

We started with a free writing exercise about a walk we used to take, then mapped a place that we enjoyed spending time in. In the second half of the session, we played ‘popcorn provocations’, where we posed questions to Zoom without answers, allowing time and space to guide our thoughts and response.

Afterwards, we picked a word that resonated with us and described the moment ...

Unknown. United. Time. Discovery. Brave. Slow motion. Open.

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