Week One Artists


"We’re two artists who work collaboratively with each other, and with many diverse groups and communities. Together we’ve hosted artist retreats, run community art festivals, and artist book projects, cooked as practice for residencies, created oral history projects, curated exhibitions in galleries and disused spaces, as well as exhibited as artists."


Email: beccaandclareareartists@gmail.com

Web: www.beccaandclareareartists.com

Instagram: @beccaandclareareartists


Image: Potato Print Caravan


George Manson

"I am an artist and illustrator based in Cardiff."


email: georgemanson@mail.com

web: www.georgemanson.cargo.site

instagram: @gergemanson


Anthony Shapland

"Anthony Shapland lives and works in Cardiff. His work is a mixture of documentary and fiction. He finds significance in those moments between expectation and the unknown.

Recent exhibitions include A Sound Not Meant To Be Heard, and Exeter Phoenix. He writes for several art journals and founded g39 in 1998.


email: info@anthonyshapland.com

web: www.anthonyshapland.com

instagram: @anthonyshapland

facebook: @anthony shapland

twitter: @AnthonyShapland

vimeo: https://vimeo.com/anthonyshapland


Image: Wind Through Trees, Digital print on aluminium, 2018

Image: Untitled


Mr and Mrs Clark

"We live and work in South Wales, where we have been making performance, live art and dance theatre since 2002. Often our work has a playful and interactive element inspired by happenings and live art events that bring art forms and people together. We have a DIY approach to exploring and developing ideas."


email: www.mrandmrsclark.co.uk/contact/

web: http://www.mrandmrsclark.co.uk/

instagram: @dasclarks

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DasClarks/

twitter: @mrandmrs_clark


Image: Electioneering 


Gail Howard

Download Gail's postcard images here: one & two


Image: Boar, an artwork as part of a series of animal portraits.

"I am a visual artist, based in Cardiff. My interest lies in artist and user-led collaboration, negotiation and reimagining.

Recently I have been focusing on arts and health project A Brief History of Healing which began in early 2019 as a direct result of my own experiences as a long term mental health service user. Initially funded by ACW, ArcadeCampfa and CVUHB, the project seeks to promote the benefits of art and the act of making, particularly in relation to social and institutional care. The BHoH project is also a means of providing a platform for the patients' voice, putting the patient narrative above the multiple narratives created by layers of social, economic, political and institutional constraints. 

Most recently BHoH has been funded by madeinroath and has developed a 'home visit' initiative via the community mental health team in East Cardiff.

Since Feb 2020 I have been visiting people at home who are experiencing mental ill-health and making art with them on a weekly basis. The lockdown has meant finding new ways to maintain this contact and to address the compounded sense of isolation experienced by people who are already isolated within their communities."


web: www.axisweb.org/p/gailhoward/

instagram: @gail.howard1


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