Paul Granjon


I am interested in the co-evolution of humans and machines, and solutions for alternative futures. I build robots and other machines for shows in performances, art galleries and festivals. I also create temporary factories and other events where people can join in making, thinking, and playing.



image: Paul Granjon


Rebecca Gould


Gould works primarily in installation, ranging from assemblage, video and textiles, dealing with concepts of labour, capital and daily rituals. The sense of history of the object, by uprooting it from the proper place in time, removes it from its origins; history evaporates and condenses into another – modifying the value of the object by a ritualistic methodology of time, place and memory. 



image: Rebecca Gould


Sam Hasler


I am a contemporary visual artist who writes. My artworks are often books and short readings but can include images, video, radio broadcasts, walks, events, and performances. I often refer to low budget and low brow culture, particularly when it becomes strange and experimental in form. There is also a thread of perverse self-mythologisng and awkward humour that runs through the work. I am a natural night owl. I like to make my work at night and I like the influence of this on me. I've presented works at various galleries and alternative venues across the UK and Europe.



image: Sam Hasler


Ellie Young


Ellie Young is a painter based in Cardiff. 



image: Ellie Young

Edwin Burdis


Edwin Burdis’ multifaceted practice traverses drawing, painting, sculpture, film, sound installation and performance, all part of an on-going compulsion to produce. 

image: Edwin Burdis


I'm Thinking of You Project