Gwent Arts in Health have been awarded a Community Grant towards their Live Music Programme for the Royal Gwent Hospital and St Woolos Hospital which will help to bring live music into the hospitals for patients and visitors who are undergoing treatment

The programme will begin in Autumn 2011 leading to a festival in 2012

Sarah Goodey, Arts Development Manager for Garth said:

“We’re grateful to NCC’s Arts Development Team for the Community Grant which will enable us to bring more music into the Hospitals.”

“In previous years, this scheme has been appreciated by patients and staff alike. One visitor wrote to tell us that:”

“I had to take my Mother in Law to the eye clinic this morning in Newport, a beastly day with torrential rain. What a surprise to hear the beautiful music the harpist and violinist were providing for the patients waiting to be seen.”

The Live Music programme is one of many new creative initiatives that Garth will be launching in 2011, across the Anuerin Bevan Health Board.

Garth wish to work with local musicians, especially those who are interested in playing in Health venues:

“We’d like to give local musicians and artists the opportunity to perform.”

If you would like to get involved, please contact Sarah Goodey on 01633 234517 or