Sunday, October 16th 2-5 pm, Nevill Hall Hospital - Abergavenny

ALL WELCOME - Please come and visit the event!

Beneath the beautiful Dreamscape banners, 30 vocalists will weave their voices with the music of gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and other unusual instruments to create an atmospheric spectacle of delight for you to see and hear in the Outpatients Waiting Area.

Soundscape will offer a deep listening space where anyone can come and experience the effect of profound resonance.

The sounds chosen will be those that we believe can encourage and support feelings of well being. You are invited to wander quietly through the space and spend as little or long as you wish there.

There will also be an opportunity to have a ‘Sound Transfusion’

"It is my intention to provide a piece of art that bears witness to the tenderness and compassion that human beings extend to each other in their efforts to provide comfort support and healing” Chrys Blanchard

The event is free, for more info: email, or tel 07968 326294.