Have you ever looked up in Outpatients at Nevill Hall and wondered whether it was a star, or a planet? A moth or a bat? Do you fancy a closer look? Come and lend a hand and see the banners up close.


Gwent Arts in Health and Arts Alive are having a spring clean of the Dreamscape Banners hanging in Main Outpatients at Nevill Hall this Saturday 21st of April.

The banners will be brought down from the ceiling and given a good tidy-up, before being re-hung. It's a great opportunity to see the work up close.

Many children and adults from Abergavenny and the surrounding area contributed to the work which was completed in 2008, and we would love to see familiar faces back to help with the restoration. Please bring a small sewing kit, feather dusters or a handheld vacuum cleaner!

Volunteers are needed between 10am - 3pm on Saturday 21st April.

Please ring Sarah Goodey 07976 375781 (Garth) or Justine Wheatley (Arts Alive) 01873 811579 for details.